How Creative Hippo Saved Boolean Channel Thousands of Dollars and Doubled Their Clients

How Creative Hippo Saved Boolean Channel Thousands of Dollars and Doubled Their Clients

12th Jun, 2019

Our Client:

Meet Boolean Channel, a digital agency based out of Fort. Lauderdale, FL with proven strategies to bring leads, calls, and clients to brick & mortar companies. Ran by founders Yasmine and Julien, their specialty is senior home care with other client industries such as:

  • Dental
  • Law
  • E-Commerce
  • And many more

Their Problem:

Unlike most clients who need to consolidate personnel and reduce payroll, Boolean Channel was faced with a unique issue: it was being run by only the two founders. As a result, they were completing tasks normally filled by eighteen other positions, including copywriting, website design, and market research. This cost Yasmine and Julien clients, patience, and, most importantly, money.

They needed someone with staff at the ready who could perform the job without breaking the budget.

They needed Creative Hippo.

Looking at the Data:

Creative Hippo founder Phillip reached out to Yasmine to discuss what options could be done to help her business. Based on her insight, it was determined that their operational costs for one client alone, including pricing out each position along with the duration of the projects was $105,000.

Hiring an effective staff would also be costly. For example, the average annual salary of a sample of her necessary positions in Fort. Lauderdale, FL. would be:

Web Designer $75,065
Digital Marketing Copywriter $63,440
SEO Specialist $68,750
Graphic Designer I $50,383
Social Media Marketing Representative $50,650

That is only five out of the eighteen other positions needed to fulfill their client’s tasks. You also factor in these costs:

The yearly costs alone well exceed the $500,000 mark, and that is not including any additional employees who are also required.

The costs alone also prevented Boolean Channel from obtaining many clients. High costs such as the situation above meant either funneling their funds into one sole project or hiring in-house staff to take care of future projects. For Yasmine and Julien, they needed an immediate, sustainable solution.

Our Solution:

Faced with a client who had a skeleton staff, limited clients, and a limited cash flow, what could we offer? The answers were simple

Outsourcing Virtual Staff

We would offer our virtual staff to Boolean Channel for four months to fill in the missing positions. Any positions not filled immediately were sourced and brought in. Within two weeks, the following positions were filled:

  • Web Design & Development (multiple members)
  • Graphic Designer
  • Manychat Bot Builder

These positions are also consolidated, meaning that they also carry other relevant tasks such as customer service, data entry, and telemarketing/sales. This allowed Boolean Channel to get the staff they needed at a fraction of the overall costs.

Personal Project Management

Yasmine and Julien also faced what was considered a lack of good employees, or more specifically employees who need some further guidance. Phillip stepped in to manage any incoming projects with his employees and those sourced elsewhere. In his words, he states, “My team of VA’s and the ones I source must be at my expectations for communication and quality of work.” Having experience with virtual employees, it was a successful transition for Phillip to manage the crew he and Boolean Channel had at their disposal.

Their Results:

As a result of hiring Creative Hippo, Boolean Channel has more than doubled their clients, completed projects at a substantially greater rate, brought on new talented employees, and decreased operational costs and payroll by as much as 60%. The money saved was no longer a pipedream, as it became consistent and streamlined. Owners Yasmine and Julien now have more time to focus on what they do best: bring in more leads and expand the business to new heights.

Your Next Move:

If your business needs that extra creative and financial push, hop aboard the Creative Hippo. Contact us today to discuss project rates and future consultation.

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